There are no specific requisites for becoming a member of the Madrid Council.

Most of our members come from the business community or one of the professions, but we welcome applications from other fields as well. All nationalities are welcome.

Many of our members hold positions at the very top of their chosen vocation, but the majority have somewhat more modest accomplishments to their credit. A successful career, per se, is not a pre-requisite.

As for personal qualities, some of us are outgoing and gregarious, some are more reserved, some are intellectual, while others are interested in considerably more mundane affairs.

What then do our members have in common?

First of all, they are good company. They know how to listen as well as talk. They are interested in hearing other people’s opinions as well as expressing their own.

They may express a friendly difference of opinion with a dinner companion, but they do not get into violent arguments, nor do they attempt to impose their opinions or otherwise monopolize the conversation.

They respect the fact that the Council is primarily a social organization and do not try to conduct business during its activities or presume on the bond of shared membership to seek new clients.

While interest in military affairs varies greatly from one member to another, all our members respect the Council’s charter as part of the Navy League of the United States and our commitment to support its aims and foment close relations with Spain, especially its Navy.

Last of all, our members share the qualities of that antiquated and much abused term, “Ladies and Gentlemen”

First, they are honorable people. Second, they are unfailingly courteous as a matter of course with their fellow members, and in particular with the Council’s guests and invited speakers.

As we said above, our members are good company – and they like to be in good company.

For more information, please send us an email to

Our application form for individual members is below:

Details of the different levels of corporate sponsor and the associated application form are on our Sponsor page at this link.

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